Hydrasip Eco Facts

For a Healthy Family...  

If They Don't Know What BPA's Are,  Let's Keep it That Way 


BPA is Bisphenol A, a chemical compound used in manufacturing polycarbonate plastic bottles.  Multiple studies have found evidence that exposure to BPA, even at extremely low levels, is linked to numerous diseases and health problems. Because it can interfere with the body's hormonal system, it is especially dangerous for infants and children.  Hyrdasip stainless steel bottles are specifically designed to be 100% BPA-free, and are proven to reduce the risk of harmful plastic-related toxins.


For a Healthy Planet...

Every Bottle Makes a Difference.  Every Body Makes an Impact

Plastic Pollutes the Earth - Mother Nature Needs our Help!


The devastating effects of plastic pollution are causing severe damage to our planet, our oceans and environment.  Making a shift from a "drink-and-toss" mentality, to using eco-friendly Hydrasip bottles is one small step you can take to help heal the planet.  By cutting down on the amount of plastic waste, we can reduce landfills and improve the sustainability of our environment.  Use Hydrasip stainless steel bottles and help save our oceans and stop alarming plastic landfill explosion.


For Active Lifestyles...

For Every Active Lifestyle, Hydrasip Fits Right In  


At home or on the go, there's a safe and easy way to stay hydrated no matter where life takes you.


On the Run     - With it's ergonomic comfort-hold design and leak-proof sports cap, Hydrasip hydrates every step of the way.   

In the Car        - From your morning commute to family outings, Hydrasip Insulated bottles keep liquids hot or cold for hours down the road.

On Your Bike  - Hydrasip bottles fit most bicycle cages, and helps put the brakes on that unpleasant aftertaste from plastic and aluminum bottles.   

On a Stroll      - Teach your children well and steer them down the right path by using eco-friendly Hydrasip bottles.   

Out & About    - From a day at the ball game to a night at the clubs, Hydrasip bottles carry your favorite beverage anywhere you want to go.  

Right at Home - Whether you're watching tv or working around the house, Hydrasip is the smarter, safer, better way to drink for your entire family.